Alf – a few months into the start of his Project Management career

Alf Bainbridge

J4 Projects thrives as the team is made up from a variety of experienced Project Managers, and those at the start of their career. This mix suits the nature of the tasks and also give the team a chance to learn and impart useful knowledge and offer support. Alf Bainbridge joined last year fresh from Uni – a bright spark – and here he talks a little more about his motivation for taking up Project Management.

Alf Bainbridge“I joined J4 Projects in July 2017 having graduated from the University of Bristol with a degree in Maths. I was unsure which career path I wanted to take, but after exploring project management as an option and discussing it with Jon Folly it seemed to use the skills I already had and wanted to deepen so when I was offered the job at J4 I knew it sounded right for me. The learning curve since joining has been steep, which I have loved. I have been given a lot of responsibility from very early on and have been given a great variety of clients to work for. I believe the best way to learn a new skill or job role is to be thrown in at the deep end and to adapt and learn quickly, which is exactly how it’s been at my first sixth months at J4.

As an industry, construction is wide ranging in variety and spans so many areas which keeps things interesting and I’m meeting some really good people. Colleagues at J4 have been encouraging and I really enjoy our team meetings which invariably involve a fun activity. All in all it was a good move for me and I’d encourage anyone else who hadn’t originally considered a PM role to keep is as an option”.

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