University of Bath MBA Students to collaborate with J4 Projects

J4 Projects has been successful in securing a team of outstanding Bath University MBA students to work on their latest project idea. Known for being a leading centre for management research and one of the UK’s top business schools, Bath University asks its MBA students to select an end of year project. This is when companies provide briefs in the hope to find a “match” and attract one of more of these high calibre students – thus using their blend of academic learning with the world of work and translating their skills into a very real environment.

Our team are already well experienced in the world of work coming from con-current employers such as PWC, Hydrock and Deloitte. J4 intends to document this project and post updates as the work unfolds: the initial meeting and introductions are due to take place early June and we are delighted to have our project selected by these students to set to work on.