Great (ish) Virtual Bake Off – Week 3, BISCUIT

Welcome to our Great (ish) Virtual Bake off, week 3, which was all about biscuit. Once again, the poster provided inspiration and helped us focus on our baking – well done Nancy and Kit for their handiwork and thanks to judges Charlie and Noah for taking on the responsibility this week.

Back on safer ground perhaps this week with ingredients easier to source and substitute (than for bread week), we had a brilliant mixed bag of entries from the team, their families and housemates. Here’s a montage of the hopefuls, all looking positively good to eat and very delicious.

Anyone spot the streaker? Nice work Ethan and Finn, that had to be included in our round up.

Judges Charlie and Noah made a very dramatic announcement, we’ve come to look forward to these just as much as the winner being named – all part of the fun and creativity.



So here’s our winner, entitled “Fall of the High Street”, a homage in biscuit showing a balanced protest surrounding a familiar High Street store that once graced many of our towns. Complete with Project Manager, hoping to make something good come from the demise as she considers the re purposing and what should come next. Runners up were Abi for her beautifully iced messaged biscuits – NHS and rainbow theme, and to Ethan and Finn.

Well done Nancy and Kit (16 and 13) lots of messages in “Fall of the High Street” with your take on the state of our towns. Now you need to come up with some inspirational ideas to really do in anger. We are having a week off  ahead of the final SHOWSTOPPER Great(ish) Virtual Bake Off, and J4 is delighted to announce that Bake Off’s very own Dan Beasley-Harling has kindly agreed to judge for us.