Hartham Park plans ahead for a digital future

J4 Projects is delighted to be working with Hartham Park: project management within this exciting and diverse estate sees many strands of work coming together for the greater benefit of furthering digital business. In this Q and A below, Hartham Park set out the vision for their future and reflect on motivations behind the scheme.

What are the plans for Hartham’s new education centre?

The world is changing, with new products entering homes and businesses continuously collecting data, and new ways to use and manipulate this data, thus causing huge growth in related industry. The UK is expecting a shortfall of around two million skilled people in the digital and cyber workforce over the next three years, and the fact of the matter is that current education provision will not meet this requirement.

The innovative nature of the subject often means that even universities are not able to keep up with the speed of the developments and thus adjust their curriculum content accordingly. Maintaining up to date knowledge is a huge challenge, but Hartham Park can invest in the specific focus required in order to create a centre of excellence in digital and cyber education. We are also committed to ensuring access to this for all areas of society; with schemes run in conjunction with the Corsham Institute to offer specific support for both veterans returning from service, and to encourage more women to work in technology.

At a later stage, we are also going to build a new auditorium on site. Wiltshire has a severe lack of these kind of venues, and a space for our successful businesses to hold things like talks, seminars and product launches would help promote the success in the region.

Who has designed it? And what will the facilities include?

Hartham Park’s new education centre is being designed with ‘SRA Architects’. Whilst creating a modern, technology driven venue, we remain passionate about preserving the classic character of the Grade II listed Georgian mansion house estate, whilst ensuring all activities are as eco friendly as possible – the new woodland area planted to commemorate the WW1 Centenary is a good example of our commitment to the local and wider community. Facilities will include teaching spaces, inspirational break-out spaces, kitchens and café, and a landscaped pedestrianised courtyard.

What sort of courses, classes will be run in it?

The specifics of the courses are currently being designed, and importantly, with the technology and cyber security ‘field’ constantly changing, the key is to be flexible in the content we deliver, and of course ensure that all content is on the cutting-edge of innovation. To do this, we will engage with all local employers to ensure our ‘graduates’ are able to make an impact from their first day.

What is the 5/10/20 year vision for Hartham Park?

Hartham Park is looking to bring together the people and place in a hub for innovation. We’re very excited to drive this growth in the South West and help build on the unique digital framework Corsham already has – with this nurturing and investment the UK could be the safest place in the world to do digital business. We would like to establish a space for SMEs to grow with access to some of the best new talent coming out of education. We anticipate welcoming our first students from September 2020.

Any other news on Hartham Park’s redevelopment/business centre/co-working hub plans?

Steeped in over 200 years of innovation and enterprise, Hartham Park in Corsham, Wiltshire is a dynamic business community where the past inspires the future, and like-minded people achieve great things. To build on this; Alongside the creation of the new education centre, we are also working to create innovative workspace for SME’s in the region. We intend to open this at the same time as the education centre to create a place for these companies to come together, collaborate and drive change in Cyber in the UK. We are already home to over 45 companies ranging from start-ups to much larger and very well-established names in the technology industry. As well as offering a range of flexible office space with a co-working hub too for daily hot-desking, Hartham Park is a spectacular meetings and events venue with a full range of spaces from cosy snugs to our grand stately rooms and sprawling grounds. As well as facilitating a range of office admin and virtual services, our Business Centre are on hand to provide a superior guest experience in the reception areas for you and your valued clients. We also have a fantastic range of wellbeing activities and networking events for our members to benefit from, including the beautiful Mansion House Café.

What has been Hartham’s biggest success in 2018? And what are you looking forward to the most in 2019?

It’s hard to pinpoint one thing that would be the biggest success. Our team have put a great deal of effort into building a foundation to grow the estate into the best possible place to work and learn; through creating a comprehensive IT Platform to improve our ability to collaborate and bringing in our new IT Support team from Mintivo in Chippenham, to introducing our new family run catering from Sweetpea. Next year, we look forward to finding our first students and working with our partners at the Corsham Institute to engage with our local business community to curate our new syllabus.