We believe that the P in PM is as much about ‘people management’ as it is about ‘project management’.

That’s why we take time to understand you and your business and plan our project management services to focus on your vision and objectives.

We then create motivational team environments that enable your project to be successfully delivered.

Our experience of managing successful projects comes from both the public and private sector. Our team has worked with lots of innovative and high profile clients. We excel in unique and complex situations, particularly when the following skills are needed:

  • Flexible delivery
  • Quick thinking and action
  • Motivating teams
  • Intense stakeholder engagement
  • Complex problem solving
  • Strategic programming
  • Innovative procurement
  • Managing politics and conflict

These skills, coupled with our experience and people focused approach to project management, gives our customers and business partners the confidence and assurance that their property project is under control at every stage. It also helps to make the project experience both exciting and rewarding.

We are experts in delivering elegant, sustainable projects for our clients. Our services include project management, contract management, development monitoring, client representative, peer reviews, PropTech (smart buildings), and IoT deployment.

Dr Jon Folly, J4 Projects