J4 : always on the move

J4 have never been ones to fit in. They’re proud of who they are and don’t need to conform.

When Dr Jon Folly founded the company in 2015 the forward-thinking vision was that J4 didn’t have an office. No fixed abode. Their Project Managers were free to work flexibly, from home or client offices. At the park, in a coffee shop. You get the picture. At the time it was almost revolutionary!

Funny how things change, and that way of working has become the norm, especially after 2 years of working through the pandemic. Other companies have been forced to catch up with technology and flexible working arrangement to allow this to happen. Perhaps more importantly companies have been forced to give their employees their trust, to be treated like adults to do the best job they can, wherever they are.

So just at the point where people are keeping up, J4 have decided to take some office space in The Generator at Finzels Reach, Bristol. It further enhances their flexible approach by giving another working option. Nothing is dictated. The individuals will still decide. But it’s there, an option. Because some people will want it and others may not. Why force someone into a situation that won’t be the best for them?

Jon says he’s really excited for the chance to spend more time with the J4 team.  As well as helping bond the team by having time spent together, there will be shared learning, overheard conversations, picked up pieces of information, advice gleaned from a colleague you didn’t know you needed.

And there’s other benefits too. They’ll be in the centre of Bristol. Surrounded by the many other property and construction professionals, adjacent to existing projects and new opportunities. They’ll have a base for entertaining, with more chances of seeing and meeting other people. J4 believe that the office setting will also bring greater efficiencies and increase the productivity of the team. So it’s not purely altruistic – the office will be expected to cover its costs!

So, for now this is J4, it’s what they think will work.

It’s an exciting time for J4 and they’re keen to involve as many of their contacts in the move. Get in touch and arrange a visit – it’s something they’re keen to show off!