J4 Reimagined

We’ve been spending some dedicated time “reimagining” J4 Projects as our company¬†turns seven in January. At first glance lots has changed since Jon started solo, but in reality, and reassuringly much hasn’t. The same values remain – people first and foremost –¬† teammates and clients alike.

With 12 in the team our processes and procedures had to adjust. We asked some “brutal” questions – what was working well, what could we be doing better, and what needed to change? And perhaps most crucially what do we like doing? After a few months, team meetings, conversations and thoughts we are remodelled and a little more grown up. Delegation within our team, some promotions, enlisting selected external support and pushing ahead with our longer term wish list have kept us busy and motivated.

This process has freed Jon, Jenny and Phil up to concentrate on what they like doing best – working with clients and being present for the team. Our new external HR support lightens the load (nice work Rachel Weaven at face2faceHR Partners, thanks), we’ve also just achieved ISO 9001 and 14001 thanks Andy Chapman at Expedite, and have worked on some of our marketing to reflect these changes. Here’s our website refresh, we’re glad to say our long standing web guru Jon Wallace has risen to the challenge brilliantly once again. It comes back to people, relationships and team work which is at the core of J4 and we thank everyone who has been supporting us.