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J4 Projects was established in 2015 to work alongside clients to deliver a better, faster, more flexible and reliable approach to project management.

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9th September 2019 in Projects

BBC Roath Lock Studios OB Shelter, Cardiff Bay construction work commences

J4 Projects shares the following statement of progress from Encon Encon Construction are very pleased to announce our recent commencement of construction on site at BBC Roath Lock Studios OB…
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12th August 2019 in Team news

Hazel Hall joins the J4 Team

We are delighted to officially welcome Hazel Hall to the J4 Team – Hazel joined us last month as Project Manager, and very quickly has become integrated into the team.…
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25th May 2019 in Team news

Where do you do your best work?

We are told the greatest “creatives” ensure they get ten minutes thinking time daily, but how do we take that concept and develop a mindset that is even more meaningful…
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