Good to great, an update from the J4 book club

Why did nobody tell me about Good to Great by Jim Collins before now?!?  It’s a brilliant book, which the J4 book club all enjoyed.  First published in 2001, it uses data to show that getting the right people on your company bus is more important than the direction the bus goes in.  Once you’ve got the right people on the bus you have to ask brutal questions about you and the company you work for – the kind of questions that are really uncomfortable.  We’ve made a decent start on tackling our brutal questions… it’s a long road to greatness. 

Our book club started up during lockdown last year, and we’ve been delighted how it’s had a positive influence on our learning, understanding and general enjoyment. Reading (audio, postcasts, fiction or non included) pack a punch and help us grow – we would welcome any suggestions for recommendations. What have you got something out of recently?