An Ode to J4

At J4 we love to support new ideas and talents. It’s good to push your boundaries and get out of your comfort zone occasionally. In fact, its scientifically proven to create new connections between brain cells. And you don’t have to think big, it only has to be small things. It could be a new word in a book you’re reading, or a new recipe, or a new hobby.

So when Lucy Lund recently discovered an enthusiasm for poetry writing we were keen to encourage her, and when it resulted in this fabulous piece about J4 we felt compelled to share! We may be biased but we think it’s pretty good…

Tell us what new skills you’ve been learning lately. Let’s get boosting those brain cells!

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An Ode to J4

If you were to think of a J4 employee,
What would you think of, who would they be?
What would they look like, I mean inside, not out
Could you say what all the fuss is about?

So imagine for now that you’re able to see
Just what’s inside each one of J4’s family.
There’s lots they’ve in common, yes really its true.
And I’ll share the contents, the details, the glue.

They’re all you’d expect from a PM for sure
Hardworking, reliable, with integrity galore.
But it’s all about people, that’s at their heart.
That’s what really sets them apart.

They build relationships with clients and teams
With an honest approach that’s just what it seems.
They question, they train, they strive for the best,
They even know when it’s time for a rest.

They’re reasonable, and fair, they really like to listen,
They think first, then act, that’s their mission.
They’re not afraid of rejection or failure,
With inner strength they can handle the pressure.

It all looks good, when its written on paper,
And in real life, it’s even greater.
So there you have it, a summary, a CV,
Of the members of the J4 company!

by Lucy Lund